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Thread: Platform as Service: requesting peer review

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    Question Platform as Service: requesting peer review

    We've spent 3 years creating tools every developer would need, or so we hope. Our golden bullet is complete app generation from a data resource. I want to know that my time hasn't been wasted and if I should even push this to market. If you want to tear me a new one, feel free. setup a workspace and let me know if the tools could get you there (this is just a beta, so be nice)! I can offer a free workspace for life. Or let me know if there's another way I can help and I'll try my best to accommodate.
    Thanks in advance, patrick
    @ simpsf com & YouTube

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    FYI this is not an ad or spam or a bot. I'm not even a web developer, I'm a DBA with a programming background. I partnered with a web architect and want real feedback from people with real web backgrounds. We have several customers, large and small, and don't charge them at this time. We won't advertise to you and you can setup without a real email address if you prefer. My main goal is to determine if real web developers can use us to develop and host apps without having to worry about file and DB access. Work with me and you can have a part of this if we're successful.

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