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Thread: Create a "personal" members area

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    Create a "personal" members area

    Hi everyone
    I know how to create a php/sql members area for a site, but the way I do this just creates members pages which are accessable to all members.

    I want to know how to create a members area where each member would have their own area, ie. 200 members each with their own members area, which cant be access by other members.

    This is so that I can have personal things on there for each member, which is secure and protected from other members.

    I havent a clue how to do this so don't even know if I have posted this is in the right category but would appreciate some advice.

    Thanks, Adey

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    You would benefit from a lot of PHP tutorials. This is a huge topic. Look into things such as 'sessions', username/password validations and database connections.

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    I would check the url for the page and them compare that info compared to the user who is viewing it. If they are different, then they can't assess the page. If they are the same, give them access.


    If the user isn't bob, send them elsewhere. If they are bob, allow access.

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    You will need a list of names to continue, and how they map to real storage,

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