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Thread: Working with one row in a database

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    Question Working with one row in a database

    I m trying to print a row from a sqlite3 database but I m getting the error
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class PDOStatement could not be converted to string in /home/ /public_html/test/index.php on line 16

    There is only one row with the counter value so I dont need any fetchall function, is there an way to display and work with one row.

    PHP Code:
    //open the database
    $db = new PDO('sqlite:Counter.db');

    //create the database
    $db->exec("CREATE TABLE Counter (Id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, Counter INTEGER)");    

    //insert some data...
    $db->exec("INSERT INTO Counter (Counter) VALUES (5000)");

    //now output the data to a simple html table...
    $result $db->query('SELECT * FROM Counter WHERE Id=1');

    // close the database connection
    $db NULL;
    PDOException $e)
    'Exception : '.$e->getMessage();

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    What code is on line 16?
    Good Luck

    Santos Systems

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