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Thread: pictures won't show beneath <UL> in IE and FF

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    pictures won't show beneath <UL> in IE and FF

    Hey everyone I have a small but annoying problem, my page displays fine in google chrome, safari and opera however in IE and FF the pictures don't go down underneath the bullet point list they move off the page to the right hand side which is very frustrating but I have no idea why. Can anyone help? Thanks

    The page is http://www.cherrietestingwebsite.com/help.html

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    try this one................
    ul li{list-style-type:circle;line-height:30px; }

    if you are using padding for align the bullet in IE lower version not supported as much... its working now.. hope it will be help full for you.... let us know if any query..

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    remove the below code as well.....

    #right li {
    padding-bottom: 10px;
    padding-top: 15px;

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