I'm sure you people know those product configurator thingies that are mostly created in flash. So I wanted to create something a bit like that without flash, just with HTML, PHP, JavaScript and so on.

So the user chooses some images here, changes something there, and can see it on the website. Now, here is the question: an important function of that application would be the possibility to save whatever the user has created as an image file on the users computer.

Doing so in Flash is quite easy. There you can just say "create a new bitmap of this object and everything in it" or "create a bitmap at position X/Y with that and that height and width", and then you send the data to a PHP script which saves that as a bitmap file.

However, I don't know how to do that without flash. If I'm right, there are PHP functions that can take a screenshot of the webbrowser or something. But that doesn't really help, since I of course want to take only a specific section of the screen and save it as a bitmap, and not the whole screen. And depending on the user, the section I want to make a bitmap of is at different locations.

So, is it possible to do that? Or do I reall have to use Flash?

Thanks for an help.