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Thread: PHP/MySQL Calender

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    Unhappy PHP/MySQL Calender

    hi all, i m developing a web application having an option for users to place products

    while placing an order user selects Order Date and Due Date. now we want to restrict orders not to be created on some special dates (e.g weekly and national holidays)

    for example: while creating an order user must select due date not to be on a holiday.

    holidays will come from a MySQL table with title date and description.

    any ideas

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    Maybe store the special dates in a Mysql table or array and then compare the order date/due date to be NOT in that particular array.
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    simple and a nice idea. but the requirement may be like and event.
    for example: an event starts from a date and ends on another date so how can i check a date to be in those 2 dates. and keeping in mind there will be multiple events/or holidays.

    i think the solution is very simple but i m not getting the hint actually.

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