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Thread: queation about XMLRPC in Javascript

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    queation about XMLRPC in Javascript

    Hi Community!

    Maybe it is not right place to ask this question, but still decided to ask.
    I want to make XMLRPC client and server. Client sends two numbers and server returns the sum of them to the client. Server side uses c-XMLRPC (c-code) and client uses mimic.js library to create XMLRPC. I know Javascript XMLRPC is used mostly for webservices.
    How does XMLRPC connection happen in JS XMLRPC?
    how can I establish XMLRPC connection between C code server and JS client?

    Thank You in advance!

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    wow, there's a blast from the past; i though xmlrpc went the way of the dinos...

    anyways, the answer to your question is ajax and lots of string building of xml. you send a POST of the built-up xml string with ajax, and then the server's response xml gets parsed for the data you want.

    compared to newer interchange techs like json and rest APIs, xmlrpc is not a very easy way to do client/server interaction in javascript. I remember the simple SOAP directory lister i coded was about 40 lines of code just to display a list of files (w/details) in a folder on the browser's screen. w/JSON, it's about 10 lines...
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