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Thread: Page refresh issue in IE8 browser

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    Page refresh issue in IE8 browser

    We have website in DNN platform and we have used Ajax, jQuery and JavaScript at client side, but we are facing the extraordinary behavior of the IE8 browser that in IE 8 the page is continuously refreshing without loading, but in other than IE versions (i.e IE7 and IE9) its working fine.

    Please help me to solve this issue because I have spend lot of time to resolve it but could not succeeded.

    Below are the source code.
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    cant you jsut show your code? I dont liek downloading files from forums.

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    Thanks for looking into this !!
    I could not able to paste all the source code here because of the characters limitation.
    Below are the scenario's:
    1. In 32bit configuration its refreshing page continously while loading or switching on the tab.
    2. but on 64 bite machine it is working fine.
    3. In IE7 its is working fine only issue with IE8 (32bit).

    I have used all the ways like meta tags, hacks but could not succeeded.

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