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Thread: How can I make a video clone site?

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    How can I make a video clone site?

    As I see there are many script for youtube clone, veoh clone, even porn clone, etc
    But I dont know how the flash player can grab the video url behind a site url of a video site
    For example:
    you have a url : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qo6iok-cBAc
    How can you make JW player play the video inside the url above?

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    The best thing that we can provide you here is our Youtube clone known as Channel.
    Which is solely developed by Agriya, this product helps you to grab the video from Youtube and build a safe and secure environment for the community to share the video.
    To know more kindly check with Agriya website.

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    I recently started a Freelance site just like freelancer.com. Though there are lots of free scripts available, I end up with error at any stage. So I preferred buying a script and finally got the one from 2daybiz.com. My site is 90% completed and some back end process is going on. Hope I will inaugurate my site soon. I am excited for the Day!

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    very good information

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