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Thread: 4 c. v.s?

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    4 c. v.s?

    I need 4 c. v.s (english, spanish, german, dutch) for my website (www.eduardlid.net) as soon as possible!
    How do I do that the fastest way (searching in Google-long search with all those advertisements-?, make a quick html form (e. g. with change language!)?
    Ive so far 1 c. v. (spanish)!
    (If I do the html form I only need 1 link on my homepage!)

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    1 html form of 4 c. v.s?

    I would like to have 1 html form of my c. v. and because I speak 4 languages. with a possibillity to change the language so that I only have to put 1 link (Curriculum Vitae?) on my homepage of my website (www.eduardlid.net)!
    Is that very difficult?

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