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Thread: New to forum have basic question about SEOing in out of USA

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    New to forum have basic question about SEOing in out of USA

    Hi guys, Im new here. Happy to have found a place like this. I hope I am of help to other in the future.

    I was just wondering. I am SEOing my site just fine on google.com but the problem is, my site is directed towards Brazilians and I need to be on google.com.br

    I am nowhere to be found on google.com.br
    How do I manage to get on there without having a .com.br site?
    My site is USA registered .com

    Thank you

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    If you want to rank your website in Brazil so, you have to find out the directories article forums bookmarking sites which are related to your country. submit your website link on this site. That is the way for your site to rank on the google.com.br.
    and 2nd thing is that google redirect his server at a time when he scan the location which country going to browse it. so there is no benefit for ranking on just google.com rank on your local country code (br). I am telling you this because I also done SEO for my Website Redesign Services in Industrial Training in Chandigarh but my site is ranking on google.com but not in google.co.in.

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