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Thread: Google DOMReady on Firefox

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    Google DOMReady on Firefox

    Hello all,

    I'm using Google's DOMReady code to trigger a repaint of the page.
    Repainting means, that I dynamically pull new content via Ajax and then issue a document.write(), invoking an entirely new rendering of the page, which is supposed to kick-in quicker than using window.onload.

    This works fine on most browsers. However, on Firefox, the circular "loading" sign on the browser tab doesn't stop rotating and there is the message "loading PageRankBar..." when rendering the following page:


    This is obviously irritating to the user, even if behaviour is otherwise satisfactory.

    Any ideas, what the reason of this behaviour on Firefox could be?
    This does not happen at all, if I use window.onload instead...

    Also, please have a look at the JavaScript code in:


    Thanks in advance and kind regards

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    same thing if I use the naked "DOMContentLoaded" event on Firefox.
    That means, it has nothing to do with a potential issue in the Google DOMReady code, which will most probably just use a "DOMContentLoaded" on Firefox.

    I have now enabled the latest version of my n.js script on all pages of 4nf.org.
    Nevermind the sometimes distorted content, but please note, that load of the page and refreshing of the page works on IE and Chrome (haven't tested any others). On other pages than the "Thanks page", the page will even refuse to load once completely in Firefox. That behaviour is not acceptable, even though it would be great for me to repaint the page on DOMReady, not onLoad.

    On the "Thanks page", the only one that loads completely in Firefox, I noticed that if I issue a "Display HTML/source code", it shows me the code of the repainted page.

    I think this is an indicator, that the first wave of HTML has not yet been completely loaded.

    Is it possible, that DOMContentLoaded fires quicker on Firefox than on other browsers, maybe even prematurely? (the version I'm using is: 10.0.2)

    To cut a long story short, it would be formidable to use the DOMReady functionality here, if it would only work on Firefox, too...

    Any ideas at all?

    Kind regards

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