I like the calendar linked below a lot, but I need a little help with it. I'm pretty much a novice at javascript, so please don't assume I know anything.

What I want to do is add links to the newEvent arrays. When I try it gives me a jumbled mess.

The Calendar:

The specific section of the script
var eventsArray = new Array();
// format: dd,mm,yyyy,"event","frequency (Annual/Monthly/Weekly)" - Delete frequency for once-time occurrences
eventsArray[0] = new newEvent(25,2,2012,"UPTA Super Senior Sign Up Ends <a href=\"www.sctennis.com/leagues\">Sign up now</a>","Annual");
eventsArray[1] = new newEvent(16,7,2012,"JTT Championships www.sctennis.com/jtt","Annual");