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Thread: Jquery stops after if statement

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    Jquery stops after if statement

    Hi Guys

    Im having a little problem, And I hope you can help me with that. I am making something in javascript and Jquery. You can scroll through a street like streetview but than with you own videomaterial. at each house I use a kind of slidebox / tooltip which works with Jquery. When i load this on the pc it works great, but on Ipad (with touch, different code) it fails to slide out(jquery).

    Its a huge code but in a simple way its like this: if = pc execute code but if = touch execute this code, here my jquery goes lost.

    Is there a way to reload these functions? or reload the script.js file that has these functions stored in it.


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    Post the exact code you have where it fails and the error it shows in console (if any)

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