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Thread: target all browsers except for ie 6 and 7?

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    target all browsers except for ie 6 and 7?

    Hello, I have a million problems on older versions of IE, and can't be arsed by adjusting everything, so I'll just display different html. I don't mind doing this with css, but I'm not sure if browsers load content even if it is not displayed (using 'visibility: hidden').
    I tried combining something with conditional comments but it didn't work out, is there a way to select all browsers except for IE 6 and 7 with them? I was thinking something like [if !(IE)|!(lt IE 8)] but the syntax is not the same for selecting non-IE browsers...
    Any help is appreciated!
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    HTML Code:
    <!--[if !(IE)|(gt IE 7)]><!--> html <!--<![endif]-->
    It turns out the above is working.

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