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    position problem


    I have changed the css position of the elements in the following page:

    I have done it in order to move every element to its exact position.

    In chrome I got the a satisfied result.

    However in IE and firefox, it look bad.

    I guess it has somethign to do with the position.

    How can I solve this problem or what exactly cause it.

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    correction, in IE and chrome it look good.

    In firefox the whole layout is a disaster.

    I would really love any suggestion about why the problem in firefox and suggestion for solution.

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    just replace the line for firefox...

    <div id="slideshow" style="position: relative;"> to <div id="slideshow" style="position: absolute;">

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    thanks a lot.

    It is indeed solved the prbolem.

    But one question I have, if you can answer me I would really thank you.

    Why did it happen in firefox and not in other browsers?

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