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Thread: #2 - disable java-script iframes (hardcore)

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    Exclamation #2 - disable java-script iframes (hardcore)

    I have a page with iframe always redirect to url owner!

    iframe is as follows:
    <iframe src="http://torpedo.oiloja.com.br/oitorpedo/EnviaSMSController" name="sidebarfram" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" width="320 "height="530" id="sidebarfram2"></ iframe>

    if someone likes challenges, will like this

    very difficult

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    If I understand correctly, you have a page that contains an iFrame that displays content from another website, but when the page loads the whole page redirects to that site??

    If this is the case, the owner of the site has implemented a "frame-buster" script that detects whether or not the content is "top document"; if it isn't, then it redirects the whole page to just that content. AFAIK, there is no work-around for that. Someone else might have an idea.

    If this is not the case, please clarify your question.
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    Reply,#2 - disable java-script iframes (hardcore)

    Yes WolfShade!!
    is a "frame-buster" case, but this example never saw before!
    I tried all!
    php file_get_content; iframe of iframe; anti-frame-buster; but does not work!

    i think with other guys studying, it is more easy to resolve.

    the techinique used is hard to break.

    look my php example:

    <?php $page = file_get_contents('iframe com src="http://torpedo.oiloja.com.br/oitorpedo/EnviaSMSController"');// use CURL if possible, this is not a good piece of code

    echo strip_javascript($page, 0);// 0 = allow no javascript

    function strip_javascript($filter, $allowed=0){
    if($allowed&1 == 0) // 1 href=...
    $filter = preg_replace('/href=([\'"]).*?javascript:.*?\\1/i', "'", $filter);

    if($allowed&2 == 0) // 2 <script....
    $filter = preg_replace("/<script.*?>.*?<\/script>/i", "", $filter);

    if($allowed&4 == 0) // 4 <tag on.... ---- useful for onlick or onload
    $filter = preg_replace("/<(.*)?\son.+?=\s*?(['\"]).*?\\2/i", "<$1", $filter);
    return $filter;

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