Hello webmasters Iam trying to submit values to java script using two pages "index.php" and "fonts.html".

here is the java script code that i have used in index.php
	<script language=javascript> 
	var cp = new ColorPicker();
	var fp = new FontPicker('window');
	function pickFont(font) {
		document.getElementById('fimg').src='http://example.com/im/font/' 	+ font + '.png';
	if (document.getElementById('fid').value) {	
the values should be submitted from "fonts.html" which has the code:
	     <p><form method=get action="/fonts.html" style="display:inline"><input 	type=submit 	name=cat value="Favorites"></form>
		 <div id="Favorites">
                  <A HREF="#" 	onClick="window.opener.FontPicker_pickFont(Times-Roman,window); return 	false;" 	STYLE="text-decoration:none;"><img alt="Times-Roman " 	style="border: outset 1pt" 	border=1 vspace=1 hspace=1 		src="http://www.example.com/im/font/Times-Roman.png"></a>
	 <A HREF="#" onClick="window.opener.FontPicker_pickFont(ariel,window); 	return false;" STYLE="text-decoration:none;"><img alt="ariel " style="border: 	outset 1pt" 	border=1 vspace=1 hspace=1 	src="http://www.example.com/im/font/font/ariel.png"></a>
When user opens index.php he will get a link when he clicks on the link he will be redirected to "fonts.html" where he gets an option to click on one of images "Times-Roman.png" and "ariel.png" .

Now what iam trying to do two things
1]when the user clicks on "Times-Roman.png". '('fimg').src' should get the location of "Times-Roman.png"


2]"('fid').value" should hold the value "Times-Roman.ttf"

I know this can be implemented by adding javascript code in the second page "fonts.html" but not exactly getting the code your response much appreciated...