hey guys hows it going... new to the forums here... i'm currently working on a lil code for "Random Quotes" ok well i have it working very nice but still not what's desired, i'll explain...

its here as a demo: http://abkclan.com/test/rotate.html

currently its getting the random quote list from rotate.js in a list like this...

rotateQuotes.quotes = [
"quote 1 here",
"quote 2 here",
"quote 3 here",
"quote 4 here",
"quote 5 here",
"quote 6 here",
well i could and have entered the data in like that... however i want to get the quote strings from a file 'http://anybodykillas.com/Quotes.txt'

the data would look like this in the file:
quote 1 here
quote 2 here
quote 3 here
quote 4 here
quote 5 here
quote 6 here
what i need is to gather this data from Quotes.txt and put it in the format used in rotate.js