I have collections of 72x72px images organized into folders of one to 30 images.*

I also have a page with a 72x360px area defined in it (whatever that needs to mean for this exercise) for displaying up to five images in a vertical stack. The page is provided with the URL for one or another folder in which it finds the images. Folders with less than five images simply don't populate the whole area (which therefore shows a background color); if there are more than five the page displays just the first five and crops the rest (the area, in other words, does not expand or contract).

A pair of small scroll-buttons below the area provide scrolling services (standard vertical scroll bars won't work with the page design). The scroll-buttons are smart: a button tap scrolls the display exactly five images and buttons dim if there's no more to scroll. A wish-list add-on would be to engage continuous smooth scrolling if the button is held down rather than clicked, with the scroll always coming to rest with five images in proper register in the area, but we can live without this.

I understand programing pretty well and basic HTML CS5 but I don't speak JavaScript or jQuery at all. In fact I'm not even sure that's where what I need would best be created and if so, which tools would do it best. Or maybe it already exists somewhere. Fancy Box? Spry? I researched all of this stuff as best I could and a lot of it seemed like it might work, but I simply don't know enough to figure out the best plan of attack.

Any help appreciated. I think I'm going to need more hand holding than just "you should use this" unfortunately, but simply being aimed in the right direction would at least be a start.

Thanks in advance - Jim

* Each image includes code for a balloon pop-up. Mousing over the image displays the popup; clicking on the link inside the popup takes the user to a URL in a new window, leaving the image's window open but blurred. All of this code is currently in place and I'm mentioning it just in case something about it has a bearing on the rest of this email.