Hi there.

A friend built my site for me in Dreamweaver on his PC, but now I have to update it myself on my Mac, and I can't afford Dreamweaver.

So I am looking for a WYSIWYG editor for Mac that can replace Dreamweaver and let me update and maintain my site. It must be able to handle PHP pages and CSS. Can someone recommend the best program for this?

I know about these free programs:
- Aptana Studio
- BlueGriffon
- Komodo
- KompoZer

And these paid programs:
- Adobe Contribute
- Coda
- Espresso
- Flux
- Sandvox

And I'm assuming it's easiest to run a free server like MAMP or something?

If anyone has any help or suggestions, I would love to hear your opinions. I need to update my website.

I would also be willing to buy an older and cheaper version of Dreamweaver, but it would have to be delivered electronically, since I live in Bali.