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Thread: Customize code in php

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    Customize code in php

    Hello everyone,

    The below code display main categories horizontally at the footer of the website. It's classified ads site. How do I modify the below code to display country name in similar horizontal way. please help!!!

    <div style="margin:0 15px 0 15px;" class="box-head ac">
    <p class="mt10 bot_link b"><span class="blue-heading">Categories : </span>
    <?php $cat_Arr_fotter=main_cat_array();
    foreach($cat_Arr_fotter as $keyfoot=>$valfoot){
    <a href="<?=$html_link_foot;?>" class="link">
    <?=ucfirst($cat_Arr_fotter[$i]['catName']);?></a> |
    <? $i++; } ?></p>

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    Cross posted and I answered on the other thread.


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