This a JavaScript question regarding cross frame scripting:
How do I target a div, in this case <div id=‘PF_Text_Panel’>’, in an iframe using and onclick event in the parent document.
I have a document, the parent page, containing 1 iframe. The parent page also contains some general information and the navigation links. The links refer to unique .html files, child pages, which are slideshows of jpeg images of different architecture projects of mine. Clicking on a project navigation links loads a slideshow in the iframe.
Within the child page, the slideshow is its own <div>. The child page also contains a text panel describing the project. The text is in <div id=‘PF_Text_Panel’>. The text panel can be slid out of the way. Sliding is controlled by an onclick event which fires a javascript Spry slide effect that has the <div id=‘PF_Text_Panel’> as its target. The function which contains the slide effect is Slide_1T(). This function works fine when the event handler is in the same frame as <div id=‘PF_Text_Panel’>. is set up that way now but I would like to change it.
The following is a snippet of how I would imagine the parent page onclick event handler to look like but with some additional code in the Slide_1T() portion:

<a href="#" onclick=" Slide_1T(parent.frame[0].getElementbyId(‘PF_Text_Panel’);">(TOGGLE TEXT PANEL)</a>