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Thread: Please Review seenBEST Web Design

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    Cool Please Review seenBEST Web Design

    Hello, please review our site for a phoenix website design company:

    I am interested to hear your feedback!

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    57 errors via w3c validator. http://validator.w3.org/

    Something defined with an id needs to be unique. If you want it to be used multiple times, you should use class instead. You define classes and IDs while I don't ever see them being defined in your CSS definition section. You use <center> tags which were deprecated in 1999. You do use IDs and classes and still use inline CSS

    <ul class="share-counters" style="padding: 0 0px 0px; background: none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; padding-top: 0; list-style: none outside none;" >
    Should be...

    <ul id="share-counters">
    What the...

     <div class="```````
    The site visually looks decent, but the code behind it is weighted down with overkill on how you format stuff.

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    Putting coding errors aside, it just isn't "groin grabbing", to use such a term.

    Looking at it, the social media buttons are messy on the left, the site seems bland as it doesnt showcase what you could do for a company and the email us envelope looks like something from 1990. Your own site should be the best site you have ever created otherwise how will customers be confident that you can deliver a good site?

    Why do you need to list which zip codes you service? Would you really turn down business because it was one mile further than you would be prepared to travel? Saying you're a web company in Phoenix, AZ is fine. Those that wish to consult in person, then know they should be somewhere near you.
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    It took me a few glances to realize you were selling web design. I first thought you were a light bulb reseller, then a SEO expert selling your services, or an internet marketing site. I do agree with wh666-666, it is pretty groin grabbing like "Hey look at me, LOOK HERE, LOOK HERE" but I wasn't clear on what the service/product was. Perhaps with a bit more of a focused design with the information will cure the overwhelming bits of the site.

    Keep at it, its getting there!
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    Your site is good, clean but what bothers me is the top image I think the size is so big9my opinion). that's all.
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    I think upper portion of header is not well organized as too many text is present.

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    I like it.
    my suggestion is to remove some (unnecessary text) and make your packages visible WITHOUT scrolling.
    I have some experience with this, and believe me, it is MOST important that users get so called "call to action" in your case packages on "first" screen, without scrolling...

    Everything else is OK, and again, try to explain in less words on home page what is your site(company) about

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