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Thread: Div not showing up when button clicked

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    Div not showing up when button clicked

    Trying to get the div with the id of #projectplanner to show up centered on the screen when i click the project planner button with the class of .pp-icon.

    When i click on the button i can see the scrollbar move but nothing shows up. if anyone can see what im doing wrong her that would be awesome

    the projectplanner button is the near the bottom of the page.

    Here is my url: www.travismichael.net

          			 function (e) {
          				e.preventDefault(); // stops link from making page jump to the top
          		function () {
    /* ================= PROJECT PLANNER ===============================  */
    #projectplanner {width:800px; overflow:hidden; padding:15px; background:#222; display:none; position:absolute; margin-left:-400px; left:50%; z-index:5000;}

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    never mind stupid me. sorry for wasting space my people!

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