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Thread: Is ['HTTP_REFERER'] dangerous, if I use a array of predefined URL's for validation?

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    Is ['HTTP_REFERER'] dangerous, if I use a array of predefined URL's for validation?


    I am doing a login page for my application. When a user wants to go to "myaccount.php" but he's not logged in, he's redirected to login.php.

    When login is successful, I want him to be redirected to $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], which will be various pages of my application.

    I read on forum that ['HTTP_REFERER'] can be dangerous.

    But what if I create an array like ('myaccount.php','mycart.php', etc...) and compare this array to $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], will this protect me against potential malicious use of this feature?


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    Yes, comparing it against fixed list is perfectly safe.

    But you should not use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']. Not all browsers send this information.

    Store the current URL ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) in session, then direct the user to login page, then - if successful - redirect the user to the URL stored in the session.

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I hadn't thought of using SESSION but this has solved the problem.


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