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Thread: preg_match bug?

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    Question preg_match bug?

    I'm using PHP 5.3.0 and I have been experiencing some annoying problems with the preg_match function. It seems there is a hard coded size limit in the function limiting the scope over which the function can make a regexp match to around 50K. Is it just me or does anyone else have the same problem? Is it a limitation that one should be aware of?

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    No idea, as I've never tried to make a pattern match 1k of text, let alone 50k or more.

    What is the nature of the failure?

    Have you searched the PHP bug database yet?
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    I have used preg_match, I have faced the same problem as you. What was the exact nature of your problem? Can you write down the code that has bug?

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    preg_match definitely breaks down when dealing with large matches. I'd be interested to know what you're attempting to parse. There are often better options than a regex ...
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