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Thread: Java Script locate

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    Java Script locate

    Hi All

    I am a complete novice with javascript. The is a text (hovering) on a wpnavbar.concertina. Its 4 colour bars each with its own product listed. You will see from the pic, the "click here for more information" appears at a fixed height in each bar in the pic. The past webmasters designed this , and now they are no longer providign support. So i went through every single js. file to located this but only found a customnavtree, that shows the text, and the link to the page it goes to when you "click here". In dreamweaver under live code, i can see the code, its located behind the --><script> file...and for the life of me i cant find the code that will allow me to lower those words or adjust them. Can anyone help me? plz~
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    You can try moving the DIV that contains the H2, but I'm not familiar with using "initial" as a value in the style... so that could be tricky... not sure what they have that set up to do.

    You could adding styles to the H2 tags that you want to move.
    e.g., <h2 style="padding-top:10px;">Yoooooo</h2>
    The 10 pixels of padding moves the text 10 pixels lower.

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    Talking Solved

    Hi Nap0leon

    IT WORKED!!!!!!!!You dont know how much i appreciate this!!! i was so sceptical to ask a forum for help since i have no experience or knowledge of javascript etc...but you adice was spot on, and you saved this IT guy from failing! thank you you have a great knowledge and talent! this webdeveloper is really blessed to have you as a memeber!

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