I have a contact from which works fine and sends an email to my email address but its always showing send from "support@hostinguk.net" which is my hosting provider. How do I get the email to show its been sent from the email address thats entered on contact from?

code is
/*** ---------- CHANGE THIS TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ------------- ***/
$MAIL_TO = 'myemail@domain.co.uk';

/*** ---------------------------------------------------------- ***/

$subject = "Web Site Take The Test :: GG";
$time = date('d-m-Y H:i');

$fname = $_POST['fname-field'];
$telephone1 = $_POST['telephone1-field'];
$telephone2 = $_POST['telephone2-field']; 
$mail = $_POST['mail-field'];
$address = $_POST['address-field'];
$postcode = $_POST['postcode-field'];
$debts = $_POST['debt-field'];
$creditors = $_POST['creditors-field'];
$message = $_POST['message-field'];

$name = $fname . ' ' . $lname;

$body = "Take The Test Sent: $time\n\n";
$body .= "Name: $name\nTelephone1: $telephone1\nTelephone2: $telephone2\nEmail: $mail\n\nAddress:\n$address\nPost Code: $postcode\n\nHow Debts ?: $debts\nHow many creditors: $creditors\n\n";
$body .= "Message:\n$message";

@mail($MAIL_TO, $subject, $body);
echo 'sent!';
any help would be great, thanks