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Thread: Live on created div

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    Live on created div

    I'm trying to trigger an event on a dynamically created div using the .live() function of Jquery.

    The problem probably is that the Javascript code is loaded (and run) long before the div is created.
    The div is only created AFTER a user action which triggers an AJAX call. The return from the PHP script contains the div on which the .live() should react.

    How should I do this?

    The ultimate goal is to make this div editable using jeditable.

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    To clarify, this is my javascript code for the .live() function.
    name_column is the name of the div.
    The code is not showing any results (alert is not shown, live event is not triggered).

    <script type='text/javascript'>
    $("name_column").live('mouseover', function(){
     alert ('entering');

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