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Thread: get info from sess_user

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    get info from sess_user

    I have an homepage there you can register and log in.

    I have a table in my database named members with a number of members.
    In that table I have a field called usertype where I have some members who have "read" and some that have "write" as usertype.

    I wounder if there is any way that I can get information from the current logged in member to see if the member has write or read as usertype.

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    Need more info


    I need more info to help you.

    Have you made the homepage yourself or is it a base system that has premade register and login functions?

    1. You could add the value in field "usertype" to another session and use that to fetch the value.

    $usertype = 'read';

    read more here:

    2. Or you can fetch the value each time you need to use it.

    maybe this can help

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