I work at a plumbing company. I have been thinking about designing a program that will allow the plumbers in the field to instantly receive and submit job tickets to and from our office. I'm really a n00b so it's hard for me to wrap my head around where I should start. Here's some things to think about:

-We have software that we enter new job info into. The relevant info (address, contacts, etc.) is emailed to the plumber in plain text form. The plumber writes all this on paper and gives it to the office to be submitted into the software when the job is done.

-I want to design a mobile app (probably Android) that receives this job info and places it in a form. The plumber will complete the job and then complete filling out this form on his smartphone/tablet. Finally, he submits the form and it is sent back to our office via email so that it can be reviewed.

I know this was pretty wordy but I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance!