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I've been doing a simple database web application, and I am using a GridView in showing my data coming from SQL Server 2005. My table (named Student) in SQL Server has four fields (ID,FN,MN,LN).

In my search button, for example, I search for a Last Name, then the data coming from SQL Server will be displayed (if there is a match or if there are matches) with the help of GridView, but is there a way of adding extra columns (two columns for example) on the GridView even I only have four fields?

I am planning to have an EDIT and DELETE link that will jump to edit.aspx (when EDIT link is clicked); and I still have no idea on whether I will have a delete.aspx or should I just have to add another one column that has a YES and NO button, or maybe a prompt YES/NO using JavaScript?

And also, I noticed that the GridView gets the column name from my SQL Server. Is there a way to change it? (for example, instead of displaying LN I would like to change it to Last Name, etc.)

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