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Thread: Newbie to this xml thing

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    Newbie to this xml thing

    Hey there,

    If there is anyone that can step me through on figuring out XML, I would really appreciate it.

    Here's the deal.

    I'm working on a registration and product purchase system that is written in pure html and posted using an HTTP protocol to a third party with the processing system. They process the values I send them and return an XML document in the form of a webpage. So, it is not a .xml file, but it is integrated into a html webpage. I have no clue on how to parse that XML information and display it on the next signup page on my server.

    Please let me know if that was enough information for anyone to help me. If not, I'll be on this post all day. With more answers and a big Thank YOU to those who can help

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello MIke,

    Take a look at this resource
    You will see most possible techniques used on client side to use XML.


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    Thanks alot

    I've been through a lot of tutorials, hopefull this one will help.


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