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Thread: Need help with a complicated script

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    Smile Need help with a complicated script

    Hello all members of Web Developer! I need help to make a Greasemonkey userscript, so I will appreciate all your help.

    I plan on creating an extension for a random forum (not really important which one). On that forum, there are very few options for formating text, so I would like to make an extension for that. For example, there is no color chooser for text. What I imagined is when Text Example Here... is put, that text becomes blue (#0000ff or similar). So, is it possible to do it? I'm just a beginner, but I really want to make this thing.

    Thank you in advance!

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    It is not clear out of your message, what kind of help you are seeking for.
    It is possible surely, though complexity of the implementation of the script required usually depends on some qualities of the web-page for which it is created. I am not sure however what you meant with your blue text example, sorry. &#37

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    I meant this:
    Text example here...
    So, basically when that BB code is written, the script deletes and parts from text and adds html formatting like this :
    HTML Code:
    <font color=#0000ff>Text example here...</font>
    , or even better, just adds an individual class which I can modify with a .css file.

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    I made a mistake in my last post:

    * the first code part in my post was: [ color= #0000ff ] Text example here...[ /color ]
    *the script deletes "[ color= #0000ff ]" and "[ /color ]" parts from text

    I don't see an edit option on this forum.

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