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Thread: Need help to find a application

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    Question Need help to find a application

    I am in need of a programme / application that will allow me to upload a photo, and my customer can change the colours of an item there and then. Its a similar thing to if you was on a virtual room decorating website, where you click on the part of the photo, choose and click on your colour and it changes the colour of the part of the photo where you had selected...... Does anyone know where i can get this or even if it is available?
    Many Thanks

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    Try photobucket-it has service of uploading video and photos as well as You are able to edit your photo's

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    Thanks Mayson_Rat, its not the kind of thing i am after really. Say if you go on a website that sells paint, they allow you to up load a photo of your living room onto their site, and change the colour of the paint on your walls etc so you can see it before you try it. I need something like that

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