Hi all,

I have another idea I can`t realize.

Now I would like to prepare the script which clicks on page in point determined by coordinates.

I am looking for sth like:

I`m on www.google.com.

I call a script from my harddisk which contains code and it click (in simulated way) on the screen. F.e. Let`s assume that search button is in point (x: 100, y:100).

Is it possible to write a script - in javascript, but maybe something else - the only need is to click in advisable point?

I found something like that:


and the script:

var e = new jQuery.Event("click");
e.pageX = 10;
e.pageY = 10;
Ok, I can use it but I associate that script looks like:

somewhere here functions from javascript
and when I called it by address bar in browser it loads a blank page first so it has no chance to click.

Is it possible to call by address bar call only the script - code?