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Thread: Need Urgent Assistance

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    Need Urgent Assistance

    This is not a JavaScript question. Please forgive me for miscategorizing. By far there are more people on this thread than any other, and I need your opinion very quickly. Here's my issue:

    This is an urgent question; I have a meeting with client tomorrow (March 13).

    We are in the beginning stages of (finally) completely redesigning a website I created and have hosted and maintained for more than a decade.

    The website is for a small, independent, boutique-type store selling a specific product. The website has always been only about the store, its owners (who are also well-known it the community), events they host, the products they sell, and special services they offer.

    We've never had any ads on the website for other groups/businesses.

    The client just notified me that she wants to add an advertisement at the top of her website for some organization, in exchange for the client getting a free membership in that organization. UPDATE: I've just learned membership into this organization is only $150! Who would sell one year's worth of advertisement space at the top of their website for only $150. I hate to say it, but while my client is a really good person, she is batty and has no idea what she's doing. Honestly, sometimes I don't know how she has enough sense to keep her business going - but she has.

    First of all, we are redoing the website because it is far too crowded on the front. How on earth are we going to make room for another agency's ad?

    Secondly, and the reason I am writing, do I charge her extra to put someone else's code in our site and on our front page?

    I do my client's website and products, not that of another company. I don't work for that other organization.

    Client is getting free membership, other company is getting ad space - what am I getting, and I am the one doing all the work?

    As you can see, I am VERY MUCH against putting an ad on this website.

    What do you think? I need advice immediately. I want your full and honest opinion. Am I wrong for wanting to keep the ad out? Should I charge extra, since putting in someone else's ad is not in the fee I have quoted?
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    I'll offer my opinion as best I can.

    Am I wrong for wanting to keep the ad out? Should I charge extra, since putting in someone else's ad is not in the fee I have quoted?
    Wrong or not, the client wants it, and if you cannot talk the client out of it, it is the client's decision and the client who will ultimately be responsible for that decision.

    And, yes, you DO charge for this, since it was not part of the original requirement. If you are doing work that is not fixing a bug, it is additional and you should be compensated for it.

    Which begs the question. If you are (finally) completely redesigning the website, are you doing that for free?? I hope not, since a redesign is a complete change from the original work, therefore billable. If you are not doing it for free, then the fee for adding this advertisement should be included in your estimate.

    But, again, if your client is willing to sell advertising space for a year (or however long) it is your client who can determine if the free membership is worth the trade. As long as you get paid for putting it there, that's all that should really matter to you.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
    o . Q
    ___ "You live and you learn; or you don't live long." - Lazarus Long


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    Thank you for your opinion - I actually would've given a dime for it, so you should reconsider your $.02 value.

    I know you're right, but it's just such a stupid thing to do and so typical of this client. She makes me crazy. I often wonder if she's worth the trouble she causes me. She wouldn't be the first client I fired.

    As for the redesign, of course I'm charging for it. I'm running a business here. This is a multi-thousand dollar redesign.

    I would still appreciate other views.

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    First off, you should bill. It's work and work should get you money.

    With regards to your client. It's always good to evaluate your own business and decide for which clients you want to work for. If it doesn't make you happy and you can do without the money. Go ahead and make for a clean break.

    Your client wanting to sell adds is nothing new. If you want to dissuade her you should come with some valid arguments for not doing so. You already gave 2 arguments. One being it might devalue the trustworthyness of the website and two, an add will make the front page look more crowded and pull apart the design and destroy all the effort you and her have been doing for the redesign.

    Bottom line, she's the owner of the site and if she wants a black background with green letters and 30 animated gif's, it's her call. If you will be the person to make it, that's up to you.

    kind regards

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