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Thread: Low res images using FTP (e.g. FireFTP)

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    Low res images using FTP (e.g. FireFTP)


    I'm designing a website for a photographer I know - it looks just how I want when I load the page from my computer, and the graphics look fine. However, when I load the pages to the web (using FireFTP), the graphics are a much lower resolution and look fairly low quality - not good for a photographer's website!! Any way I can avoid this and get better quality images up - they aren't large file sizes anyway!?


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    I've had a look at FireFTP's web site and it claims to have file compression. That could be the problem. If you want to have high quality images on your site then any optimisation has to be done manually in an app such as Fireworks.

    I would suggest finding out if the file compression can be switched off? Failing that, use an FTP client that does not compress the content. If all else fails, manually load the graphics using "vanilla" FTP.

    However, FTP is something of a culture shock if you're not used to command line apps, and it can seriously screw up your site if used incorrectly. You have been warned!!!

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    You can turn off compression:

    If enabled, FireFTP will use compression (MODE Z) to make transfers and retrieval of directory listings faster. This can make for a substantial speed up in file transfers if you're on a slow network (especially text files). (The FTP server must be configured to allow the MODE Z command for this option to work.)
    See Support.

    FireFTP is the wrong FTP program to use since it is a Firefox add-on. Recommend FileZilla or CoffeeCup's FTP.

    FileZilla FTP Tutorial - How to Upload Your Site with FileZilla

    In this tutorial you learn how to upload your website using FileZilla, the popular free FTP application. FileZilla is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Read the full article here:


    FTP and CHMOD Tutorial: http://www.phpjunkyard.com/tutorials...d-tutorial.php

    Comparison of FTP client software: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compari...lient_software

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