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Thread: Inexperienced and In Need of Help

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    Question Inexperienced and In Need of Help

    Hey guys/gals,

    I'm new to this forum, hey!

    I am new to javascript and I am currently in the process of teaching myself while taking a JavaScript class in school. I have come to the conclusion that I know a bit less than I originally thought(which wasn't much begin with). For my course I need to create a countdown timer which should accomplish 3 main things:

    1. Allow the client to input a number value between 10 and 30 into a text field to set the timer. If the client inputs a number lower than 10 or a number higher than 30 it should alert the user.

    2. Should contain a start, stop and reset button.

    3. Should alert the client that the count down timer is ended.

    I have been playing around with some code I found online and reading through forums and w3schools but I am pretty hopelessly lost. Any help, direction, anything would be greatly appreciated.


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    no homework help please!
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    Take one task at a time;
    1. Counter input field - That sounds like an HTML form text input box. Look up forms in an HTML manual for that.
    2. Start, stop and reset buttons - those could be HTML form submit buttons. They should be documented in the same place as the text input box for the counter.
    3. Now you need write javascript function(s) to:
    a) Validate the input and notify invalid input.
    b) Decrement the counter.
    c) Advise when the count is ended.
    4. Then you need to amend the HTML to link it to the javascript function(s). Perhaps onclick="" is what you should be looking at?

    That should get you started...

    So start with the HTML and work from there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAliveWinner View Post
    no homework help please!
    I agree that we should not do the homework, but what is wrong with a few suggestions on how to approach the task???

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    Indeed, pointing someone in the right direction couldn't hurt now can it

    Also take a look at the javascript section of devguru. I find it easier to find the info I need for javascript functions than on w3schools

    Kind regards,

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