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Thread: header vs ajax

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    header vs ajax

    Hello everyone

    Is any simple way to redirect site in php?? I use php header but it not function properly now. Of course i searched in google and i have not found good solution.
    The problem is that header displays site only in div (the reason is ajax) but i wont in main window

    Thanks for help
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    As I understand it, header does not work for redirects IF headers have already been passed to the browser. I do use header for redirects, but in order for it to work I'm using output buffering, so nothing goes to the browser until the end_flush has been processed; that way, if there IS a redirect by header(), it will be processed as part of the whole package.

    If you will not or can not use output buffering, I think a meta tag will suffice for redirect.
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    In my case header is working but not in window. Only in div. So it opens a site in the site. Buffering is not necessary i think
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