Hi: im new in this forum (pretty mach new with PHP too ).

Here is the thing: my company use PHP with IIS (yes, its a kick in the ... but they are the bosses).

My question is related ether with PHP or IIS:

lets say I have the root folder of the PHP like c:\php and the root page of the domain (i create another one besides wwwroot) like c:\myWeb\rootweb

if in Apache i use getcwd() it brings me the web root folder "c:\myWeb\rootweb" but if I use IIS it brings the php root folder c:\php.

im trying with drupal (again I dont have a say in the matter) and even if I could change some part of the code im sure there will be problems later.

Is there any option in the PHP folder or the IIS options to make that function work like in apache

Thanks and regards in advance