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Thread: PHP referrer problem

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    PHP referrer problem


    im using this string to get the referrer to my page


    i use it on an application form to see whats the referrer of the applicants and i get it on my mail address along with all the info sent by the applicants. However, in some cases the referrer appears as the same application form page! example: my application form is domain.com/form.php and referrer shows as domain.com/form.php too. Is that possible? in which cases can this happen?

    Thank you.

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    In some cases or all cases?

    $_SERVER HTTP Referer should show where the recent user just came from, but

    - In cases where someone accesses your page directly.

    REFRESHDATA has to repost the information if someone has hit refresh on a page.

    - In cases where the page is posting to itself.

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    Thanks, but if someone access directly (by typing the URL on the address bar) then nothing should appear. I have tested it and nothing ever appears as referrer in those cases. Is that the only case it happens?

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