I have recently posted a few questions about exporting XML into PHP into MySql.

I have created my PHP file which exports my XML into MySql which works great, if, i have only 1 XML in the XML file. The files will come daily with over 200 XML.

I have attached a snipit of my code below:
PHP Code:
$xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();
$xmlDoc->load'cdocument-2012-03-05.xml' );

$thisnodeone $xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName('ConferenceData');
foreach (
$thisnodeone as $nodes )

/////      My-ConferenceData     //////
echo "<strong>ConferenceData</strong><br /><br />";
$itemnodes $xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName"ConferenceData" );
$nodes $itemnodes->item(0)->getElementsByTagName"Event" );
for ( 
$i 0$i $nodes->length$i++ )
$valueConferenceDataEvent $nodes->item$i++ )->getAttribute('value');
"Event - $valueConferenceDataEvent<br /><br />";

/////      My-Basic-Information     //////
echo "<br /><br /><br /><strong>Basic-Information</strong><br /><br />";
$itemnodes $xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName"Basic-Information" );
$nodes $itemnodes->item(0)->getElementsByTagName"Conference-ID" );
for ( 
$i 0$i $nodes->length$i++ )
$valueBasicInformationConferenceID $nodes->item$i++ )->getAttribute('value');
"Conference-ID - $valueBasicInformationConferenceID<br /><br />";

$sql "insert into `XXXXXX` (`ConferenceID`) values ('$valueBasicInformationConferenceID')";
$perform_insert mysql_query($sql) or die("<b>Data could not be entered</b>.\n<br />Query: " $query "<br />\nError: (" mysql_errno() . ") " mysql_error())

please note that near to the top of this i have tried to separate the XML's to parse through and insert as new table rows in MySql with the ID being 'ConferenceID'.

My XML Would have over 200 XML and a snipit again i have put below:

HTML Code:
    <Event value="myevent" />
          <Conference-ID value="myconferenceid" />
If anyone could help me with this i would be extremely grateful.

Many Thanks