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Thread: Transparency in IE

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    Transparency in IE

    Hello experts.
    IE not supported css property "opacity" yes? In IE not working:
    testObj.style.opacity = 0.5

    And for IE, I use this code:
    testObj.style.filter = 'alpha(opacity=' + 50 + ')';
    But As I understood, this variant: 'alpha(opacity=' + 50 + ')'; is for old IE versions and not the best variant, there is a better variants, but what is this variants, i am not found.

    Please tell me, where is the optimal variant for transparency in IE?

    P.S. Excuse me for many times word "variant", i know english not good

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    style.filter = 'alpha(opacity)' is the only way to set opacity for older versions of Internet Explorer. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    OK, understood, Thanks very much, you also good luck

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