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Thread: Help in .NET and SEO

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    Help in .NET and SEO

    i am a student of B.Tech Computer Science. i want to pursue .NET AND SEO course. People say SEO is not a technical course so i should not go for it. But i have interest in SEO work. People say SEO is just Copy Paste work. Please clarify me that is SEO really only copy paste work?Is career not good in it? Please help

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    SEO is not an exact science, it reallly is a combination of a lot of different strategies. There are companies making good money advising how to improve SEO for their websites. So I would say there is still good money to be made. But I wouldn't bet it all on SEO. I would also invest in some other web skills.

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    SEO is actually not a course but one way of optimizing a site. seo's work are too easy to enroll .. it only needs you and internet to research. why not apply for a seo since you have this interest.

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    To make it clear anyone who says SEO is copy pasting work does not know anything about SEO...SEO is not at all copy pasting infact if you do it...it does not help SEO it is infact Spamming....

    If you are a DotNet Programmer...and you want to learn SEO ...there are lot of forums,blog , there are courses also but i would recommend first learning some things online and then going for a course..so in that way you would actually know what you are learning in the course..

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    SEO and .NET both have algorithms to follow. I would go for either course to learn the foundation of such algorithms. Would I rely on it? NO. I have learned more from experience than from the academe. But keep in mind a good foundation and skill is always your best place to start. Find your real passion and pursue it. You'll learn other things along the way.
    Good Luck

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