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    Question Web Hosting service

    what are all the different hosting plans to promote the business sites? I like to know the hosting service, which could be the effective service... Share your ideas...!

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    There are many types of hosting providers.........that is shared hosting, virtual hosting, dedicated hosting and all.............
    If your business is small means shared hosting plans is enough for your business website........suppose its a large network business means you have to get virtual hosting plans.............so for the good place to get a both type of hosting plans , just visit this site http://www.xnynz.com/ , As for hosting services, you can order them hosting services and this site is quite good for hosting plans........

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    As mention by franklinn, it all depends on what your site is. If you are a small business or med sized business, usually a shared hosting plan is more than sufficient to suite your needs. However if you are a large networking platform or a popular blog/entertainment site you will want to look in the realm of VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server, which can handle a high amount of traffic.

    My recommendations: I use heytommy.ca for my shared hosting, they have reliable service and overall I haven't had any downtime with them.

    For bigger applications I use dedicated servers from 1and1.com. They work quite well too and only recently have I had some troubles with billing, but again they have good support and solved it for me.

    Hope that helps you, cheers!
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