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Thread: Order form - how do I get it to submit it to me and paypal??

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    Order form - how do I get it to submit it to me and paypal??

    Hi everyone,

    So I'm really stuck with my order form that I'm trying to put together. It's a multi-step order form to help my customers build their wedding albums.

    You can see the form at http://www.joegilbertphotography.co.uk/album

    The form works fine, and as users select various options it adds it all up and shows them the total at the end, all fine.

    They then press submit and it sends the form over to me, again all fine.

    Now, what I want is for the "total amount" to then link to Paypal so they can pay for the order.

    I've used a similar script for a quick mock-up which you can see at http://www.joegilbertphotography.co.uk/album/test2.htm - again works fine, they press "donate" and whatever they've totalled up goes through to a paypal payment.

    Here's the dilemma: how do I get the form to both send itself to me and to go off to paypal??! I can get either the form action to go to a PHP file which emails the form to me, OR I can get it to go to Paypal and process the transaction, but how can I make it do both? Email the form to me AND go on to Paypal to process the payment?

    Thanks again!!

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    any ideas anyone?

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    you could over ride the submit function, use an ajax call to submit the data to yourself , then allow the form to post itself to paypal

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