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Thread: Text not showing in fire fox

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    Text not showing in fire fox

    I use Microsoft office live 365 for my business website. I am having an issue with one of my pages in that the text is not appearing for the first 5 boxes and only showing for the tribute box in Fire Fox, it works ok in IE. I havent done anything different witht he last box from the others

    Any help would be appreciated?

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    The text in the last box has a color (white, #FFFFFF), specifically applied to it:
    <font face="Arial, Geneva, sans-serif" color="#ffffff">Sway bring a refreshing quirky approach to "Through the Decades" and "Rock N' Roll/Rockabilly".</font>
    The other boxes do not and are using the default text color (black, #000000).
    <font face="Arial, Geneva, sans-serif">We know your wedding day is very special make it a day to remember with Sway.</font>

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    Hello dear,
    I see your link and I found may be you not check the capabilities of browser. When we make a website so first thing in our mind come about the capability of browser. And I think it is cause for your website.
    I also get in the same situation when I was build my company website Teg Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
    for the keywords Website Redesign Services.
    Have a Good Day.

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