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Thread: Looking for a web desinger to be part of the team!

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    Looking for a web desinger to be part of the team!


    My partner and I are looking to bring a web desinger to our team. We are in the process of building a web-based business that involves the music industry. We are in contact with several investors, and we'd like to have some sort of working model of the site developed for presentation. Helping us get this project off the ground successfully would ensure a permanent spot on the team as CTO. Contact me for further information if you're interested.


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    Hello Jay443,

    When possible email me directly william@webdevelopmentgroup.org,
    or call 1-800-219-1314.

    Or visit www.webdevelopmentgroup.org

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    Zfort RE: web designer

    Hi Jeremy,

    We have awesome web designer available to start right away.
    Please feel free to contact us if still looking,

    Happy to chat,

    Jenny Zorina
    Zfort Group

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